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Financial Fitness Planning

Finnovate offers comprehensive financial fitness planning to help you achieve your life and money goals. Our FinnFit platform allows you to build a basic plan for free, and for a more detailed analysis, you can consult with our FinnFit Expert.

Key Features:

  • Life and Money Goals: Define your aspirations and financial targets.
  • Corpus Needed: Determine the total amount required to achieve your goals.
  • Cash Flows and Savings Goals: Plan your cash inflows and outflows to meet your savings objectives.
  • Free Basic Plan: Create your initial FinnFit plan on our platform at no cost.
  • Detailed Plan with Expert: Seek a session with our FinnFit Expert for an in-depth plan (currently free).
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2. Investment Planning and Management

Our investment planning and management services are designed for prudent growth, offering research-backed recommendations across mutual funds and direct equity. As your investment corpus grows, we introduce you to high-return opportunities with managed risks.

Key Features:

  • Prudent Growth Philosophy: Focus on sustainable and research-backed investment strategies.
  • Mutual Funds and Direct Equity: Get tailored recommendations for mutual funds and direct equity investments.
  • Advanced Investment Options: Explore curated opportunities in PMS, PEs, and P2P lending as your corpus grows.
  • Higher Returns, Managed Risks: Achieve higher returns with a manageable risk profile.
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3. Insurance Planning

Finnovate provides a wide range of health and life insurance options from top-rated insurance companies in India. Our focus is on high fulfilment rates and competitive pricing.

Key Features:

  • Health and Life Insurance: Access a variety of insurance products from leading companies.
  • High Fulfilment Rate: Choose from insurers with a fulfilment rate over 98%.
  • Competitive Pricing: Ensure you get the best rates available.
  • Premium Payment Reminders: Receive timely reminders to keep your premiums up-to-date.
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4. Tax Planning

Finnovate offers comprehensive tax planning services designed to help individuals save on taxes through strategic investment and restructuring of their financial portfolios. Our approach is tailored to align with your financial goals while ensuring maximum tax efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Tax-Saving Instruments: Receive expert guidance on various tax-saving instruments, including ELSS, PPF, NPS, and tax-saving FDs.
  • Customized Tax Plan: Work closely with our counselors to create a personalized tax plan that optimizes your savings and investments.
  • Compliance with Tax Regulations: Ensure your tax planning is in line with the latest tax regulations, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Maximize Tax Efficiency: Structure your financial portfolio to minimize tax liability and enhance your overall financial health.
  • Strategic Investment Restructuring: Benefit from our expertise in restructuring your investments for optimal tax savings.
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5. Estate Planning

Finnovate provides an in-depth review of your current investments, ensuring all details are organized and consolidated. This service is essential for effective estate planning and streamlining your investments.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Investment Analysis: Evaluate each investment's current value and growth rate.
  • Investment Details Consolidation: Compile all investment information into a single file.
  • Holding Structure: Review holding structures, nominees, and folio numbers.
  • Estate Planning Tool: Utilize the consolidated data for efficient estate planning.
  • Value Added Service: Available as a paid service for those who wish to streamline their investments.
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