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We provide personalized insurance solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Why Insurance Planning?

 We help you choose the best insurance for you that ensures the following:

  • Fast (1)
    Term Insurance

    Choose the best term insurance plan to protect your loved ones financially.
  • Health (1)
    Health Insurance

    Find the perfect health insurance coverage for you and your family.

  • Workplace
    Personal Accident

    For protecting your income in case of accidental mishaps

  • Risks
    Critical illness

    Safeguard your finances to cover your major illnesses.

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Learn about every Insurance

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Term Insurance Simplified10 min read

 Starting learning the basics of how to purchase Term Life insurance policy. 

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Health Insurance Simplified10 min read

Starting learning the basics of how to purchase good Health insurance policy.

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What People Say

Take a look at what our clients have to say about us!

I used to find the insurance space quite intimidating but Finnovate consultations have actually helped me understand policies a lot better. Thanks for this!

Mahima Gupta - OTT Advertisement Head

Didn’t know I could access this kind of advice for free. Kudos to the Finnovate team! I have some peace of mind knowing that I’ve not chosen my policy blindly.

Navin Bajaj - Lead designer at Design Firm

I’d really like to appreciate this service- thank you for not doing continuous follow-ups and just helping me out with the right info when I came for a consultation.

Kartik Singh - Working at Google


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