What is Finnovate?

Everybody deserves sound financial advice. And at Finnovate, we give it to you. Finnovate is India’s first end-to-end ecosystem that simplifies investing with expert care, streamlines tracking and empowers you to achieve your financial goals. It has been designed to be the most secure, unbiased and research -backed financial solutions website, constructed to guide you to your financial freedom.

FAQs on Financial Services
What can I do with Finnovate?

If you’re a high net worth individual looking to invest right, expand further and increase income aside from your profession, Finnovate is the perfect place for you. With us, you can maximize your income, optimize your savings, manage your money, and build a strong financial portfolio with the right asset allocation and financial advice. Once you come onboard, you can always track what your money is upto, at any given point of time on a single platform that is encrypted with bank-level 256-bit security.

Why Finnovate?

When people’s financial goals, expectations and responsibilities are different, so will be the service provided to them. At Finnovate, we believe in personalization. Each client is treated as a unique portfolio that is assigned a dedicated financial advisor to understand their priorities and create a financial roadmap suited to them.

The path to financial security is not through a single route. As a matter of fact, it involves adequate asset allocation and a mix of short-term and long-term investments that give you the perfect balance. And at Finnovate, we will devise a holistic plan that will help you achieve just that.

Fruitful returns on your investments, your capital gains and your sale of stock, the profits wholly and completely belong to you. Because our team of financial planners will help you build an enviable portfolio by charging a fee in the beginning itself. So that when you start seeing results, we will not put a dent in your income with any commission/hidden charges. Our biggest fee is your trust and your long-term relationship with us.

What is Finnversity?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. At Finnversity, we do the same for you with respect to financial decisions. Learn how to make your money work for you and build a secure financial tomorrow all by yourself with our easy-to-comprehend tools.

How do you look after my financial future?

The answer lies in 4 simple words: Lear. Plan. Execute. Track.

Learn – Learning begins at Finnversity where we empower you with the right knowledge to get started on your journey to financial security.

Plan – Planning involves using our vast investment expertise to develop a proprietary financial planning and advisory platform. Powered by artificial intelligence, it enables you with data analytics and number crunching. Meanwhile, a dedicated financial advisor guides you every step of the way.

Execute – Execution involves seamless transactions in all financial products at the lowest cost possible. Transact in direct plans of mutual funds, low-cost insurance options, FDs, International Investments and direct PMS.

Track – Tracking begins once your money has been invested in the right places and you need to know what it is upto every step of the way. Our innovative tracking platform helps you track your investments across equity, mutual funds, insurance, ppf, real estate and much more. Our proprietary algorithms help you set milestones, reminders, and triggers so you are in control of all your investments and your entire financial life 24/7 at the click of a button.

How safe is Finnovate when it
comes to investing?

Encrypted with a bank grade 256-bit security system that ensures the safety of your money and transactions, none other than you has access to your money.