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Have you faced these challenges?

As we helped more and more Families plan their Finances we found the most common challenges faced by people on the road to Financial Fitness.

Unplanned Financial Life

Many face this challenge where decisions are made haphazardly, leaving them unprepared for risks and goals despite access to various financial options.

Lack of Goal Congruence

Often, financial choices are driven by sales commissions rather than aligning with personal needs and aspirations, leading to misaligned investments.

Lack of Awareness

Due to lack of Financial Knowledge many people get their asset allocation wrong and end up investing in instrument that doesn't even beat inflation.

Solution to these challenges is

Financial Fitness Planning

Solution to these challenges is

Financial Life Planning


Why Finnovate?

Because we believe that sound financial advice and commission free investing should be available to everyone. Here’s how we can help:


Start your Journey towards Financial Fitness!

Finnovate is a complete ecosystem that lets you start your journey at any stage you wish and opt for personal Financial planning when you need.

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A wealth of knowledge about wealth. We want to empower you with knowledge of personal finance and the intricacies associated with it. Masterclasses, webinars, case studies, and much more, it is all here. As a leading Wealth Management Firm in India, we offer you the tools and insights needed to navigate the financial landscape.


Financial Plans

Powered by our Proprietary Algorithms, and combined with Expert Instincts, the platform helps you crunch the numbers and create an unbiased plan so that you can achieve Financial Freedom effortlessly. Trust in a Wealth Management Firm in India to provide the expertise and technological edge you need.

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Multi Asset Investing

Now that you have a plan, it is time to execute it. But how? Where? Right Here! Get research-backed, customized portfolios. Transact in Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, Insurance options like life, health, and more through our simple & intuitive platform. As a Wealth Management Firm in India, we ensure that your investments are diversified and tailored to your financial goals.



Get performance updates on all your investments at your fingertips, whenever you want! With our Proprietary Algorithms, you can track past performances, set future milestones, and make the necessary adjustments to meet your goals. The platform allows you to stay informed with real-time updates and comprehensive reports on all your financial activities.


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The Finnovate Advantage

Best-in-Class Technology

Our easy-to-use platform is secured with a commercial banking grade, 256-bit encryption system. This means that you can securely manage your plans from anywhere & anytime. You are always in control.

Expert advice from experienced minds

At Finnovate, our Investment Advisory Committee of veterans from the financial world and the best brains in the industry hand-pick and offer you the most effective financial products in the market.

Empowering you with the right knowledge

Throughout your Journey with us, it is our endeavour to demystify and simplify the financial world for you. Slowly and gradually with the right knowledge, we ensure that you are confident enough to take informed financial decisions.

Your Personal FinnFit Partner

Sometimes you just need to talk to an expert. With your Financial Fitness Partner by your side, you always have the guidance to make your decisions, no matter how big or small. Buying a house? Or planning a vacation? We are here to help.


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An exclusive community of like-minded people with the common objective of reaching financial Fitness by creating wealth the right way, doing the right things; so that we can be a blessing to our family as well as our society.

Benefits :
  • Monthly Meetings to learn various aspects of personal finance.
  • Creating your own Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement.
  • Forum to discuss various investment ideas
  • Best Practices
  • Exclusive newsletters
  • QnA with Experts and much more.

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