Multi Asset Investing Platform

When you invest with Finnovate, you get research backed portfolio. Our Investment Advisory committee of veterans from the financial world and the best brains in the industry hand-pick and offer you the most effective financial products in the market.

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Multi Asset Investing Platform

Mutual Funds

In a market where everything is subject to risk, your financial growth will be certain with Finnovate. Receive unbiased recommendations on top selling mutual funds and save upto 5% commission fee by investing with us.

Tax Saver:

Invest in well-researched ELSS to take advantage of tax benefits while growing your investment portfolio.

Index Funds:

Invest in Index Funds for a diversified investment approach that mirrors market performance.

By Market Cap:

Invest in Market Cap-based Mutual Fund (Large cap, mid cap, and small cap funds), for a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Super saver:

Investing in direct mutual funds can save upto 5% commission fee.


Keep your head and your net worth high. Build your financial portfolio with capital assets by investing in direct shares, international stocks, ETFs and more.

Direct Stocks:

Invest in well researched stock portfolio

US Stocks:

Invest in all international stocks and ETFs.


Get started with curated PMS and Alternate investment.


Deposits and others

Deposit your worries. Not your money. Invest in fixed deposits, NCDs, corporate and sovereign bonds, debt funds and more with Finnovate.

Fixed Deposits:

Deposit your money in Fixed Deposits with various financial institutions.


Invest in NCDs.


Invest in Corporate Bonds, Sovereign Bonds and much more.

Debt Mutual Funds:

Investing in debt mutual funds can save upto 5% commission fee.


When the mind is stress free, life expectancy automatically improves. Stay prepared for life with a range of all encompassing insurance options.

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P2P Lending:

Invest and earn higher returns through liquid loans - a P2P lending platform.


Invest in NPS and save Tax.

Gold Bonds:

Invest in sovereign Gold Bonds and earn 2.5% interest.


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Start investing in multiple assets with the easy to use and highly secure platform. And once you invest, track your investments using our tracking feature. If confused about the options, your account will also give you best choices shortlisted by our expert committee.

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