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Plan Your Peaceful Retirement: Calculate Your Investment Corpus and Start Investing Today for a Secure Future.

Retirement Planning Calculator in India.
Monthly household expenses
2 Lakhs
Current Age
Retirement Age
Life Expectancy
Saving done till today for Retirement
1 Crore
Inflation (%)
Expected Rate of Returns (%)
Corpus required at Age 65

Rs. 9,00,50,598

To achieve your retirement corpus
Montly savings required

Rs. 7,967

over next 35 years

and increase every year by 10%

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Utilizing a Retirement Planning Calculator for a Secure Future

Retirement Planning Made Easy

Utilizing a Retirement Planning Calculator for a Secure Future

Benefits of a Retirement Planning Calculator

  • Clarity and Accuracy: A retirement calculator provides a clear picture of how much money you will need to save for a comfortable retirement.
  • Goal Setting: By using a retirement calculator, individuals can set specific financial goals for their retirement years.
  • Risk Assessment: Calculators often offer options for selecting conservative or aggressive expected rates of return.
  • Adjustable Parameters: Users can input different scenarios and variables to see how changes impact their retirement corpus.
  • Long-term Planning: Retirement planning is a long-term endeavor, and a calculator helps individuals map out their financial journey.

Why Use a Retirement Planning Calculator

  • Avoid Surprises: Calculators help avoid last-minute surprises.
  • Take Informed Decisions: Armed with accurate calculations, individuals can make informed decisions.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a well-thought-out retirement plan in place brings peace of mind.

How to Use a Retirement Planning Calculator

  1. Input Basic Information: Start by entering basic information such as current age, retirement age, etc.
  2. Calculate Required Corpus: Once the data is entered, the calculator computes the required corpus needed at retirement age.
  3. Analyze Results: Review the calculated corpus and the monthly savings required to achieve it.
  4. Create an Action Plan: Based on the calculator's results, create a detailed action plan.
  5. Review Periodically: Periodically review and update your retirement plan using the calculator.

In conclusion, a Retirement Planning Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone looking to secure their financial future. By providing clarity, goal-setting capabilities, risk assessment, and actionable insights, these calculators helps individuals to make informed decisions and navigate their retirement journey with confidence.