Personal Finance Workshop

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Take charge of your Financial Future

This one - day workshop helps you map your financial life. You learn to develop finance habits that become your lifestyle for a wealthy future. It helps you feel more planned & confident for making financial decisions

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1 Hour Session

These are small and very focused sessions where we talk about the financial planning pyramid and basics of living a good financial life. We will talk about how to get started to manage your personal finance, Manage financial risks, goals planning, asset allocation.

3 Hour Session

These are ideal duration workshops if you want to be hands-on in managing your personal finance and plan for Financial Freedom. We will talk about entire personal finance pyramid, How do you cover your risks, Setting key Financial Goals, Prioritising goals, Making Investments in line with your Goals, Wealth creation ideas and various options for Wealth Creation, How to achieve Financial Freedom & various other important aspects of personal finance.

Full Day Workshop (8 Hours)

These are full-day workshops which are designed to take the participants financial life to the next level. We talk about everything starting from basics of money to financial freedom.

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Learning Outcomes

What will I learn?

  • Understanding the personal finance pyramid
  • Understanding Risks
  • Identifying, Prioritising and Planning for Financial Goals
  • Understanding Asset Allocation in lines with Goals
  • Wealth Creation through Smart Investing
  • Know your Taxes & Plan Smartly
  • How to get started to Manage your Personal Finance

After the Workshop you will learn :

  • Personal Financial Plan
  • 360 degree Risk Management
  • Analyzing your income & expenses & cash flow
  • Calculate your net worth and savings rate
  • Audit of existing investments & set Financial Goals
  • Effective Asset Allocation across various asset classes
  • Different types of investment options available according to your risk profile
  • Planning your finances at different Life Stages
  • Track & Rebalance your portfolio at equal intervals
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Free Financial Health Check- Up

As part of your workshop registration, you also get a FREE Financial Health Check-up and audit of your existing investments. This will help you to understand where exactly you stand in your financial life and help you to plan your finances better.

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Who Should Attend?

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Invite Us For a Workshop

We would be happy to guide you, your family, your friends, your company or your associate groups on Personal Finance. Do contact us on +91 9594096084 for planning a workshop and we will guide you on the same.