Financial Planning

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Risk Management

We all are exposed to certain risks that can leave us into financially unstable situation, like the uncertain event of early death may risk our family's future, children's education, & at times even their bread & butter; risk of disability or severe medical condition can leave a person unemployed & dependant on the family; risk of illness & huge treatment costs & medication can wipe out an individual's entire life savings; and several other risks associated with job, profession, etc.

We cannot stop & prevent the events from happening like death, accident etc. However, we can try to take as much as preventive measures to minimize its effects with proper risk management strategies like Insurance. The very first step in financial planning starts with making sure that an individual's all risks are adequately covered, so that family should not compromise on the lifestyle in case of uncertain events.

At Finnovate, we ensure risk management for every client & help them secure their family's future. Our Financial Plan accesses the optimum insurance needed to cover Life/Health/Professional Risks at the minimum possible costs

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Goal Planning

What does "goals" mean? Goals, in personal finance, means the objectives you want to achieve in life with your money. goal-setting starts with identifying various short to mid - term to long-term financial responsibilities. While saving for an expense such as yearly vacation or buying a car in the next 12 months may be a short-term goal, saving for home loan down payment over the next 3-5 years maybe one's medium-term goal. Long-term goals may include child education, marriage needs or funding one's own retirement.

The identified goals need to be well-defined by assigning them some value as well as setting a time frame to achieve. an example of a measurable goal is, "I want to accumulate Rs.30 lakhs for my Home down payment in 2030". An unmeasured goal will look like, "I want to accumulate enough money for my new home in the next 10 years".

The next step is prioritizing which goals are most imp and then allocating your savings first for those goals depending on your time to goal, risk-taking ability, our Financial Planners design the ideal asset allocation for you and then recommend you a customized portfolio thus, at Finnovate our ultimate objective for every individual is that their hard-earned money should help them achieve their personal financial goals in life

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Wealth Management

Wealth Creation is an accumulation of assets that yield's higher returns and help's create wealth over a long period of time. There is no rocket science to Create Wealth, Wealth Creation is achieved by doing the simplest things like discipline in investing, choosing the right assets allocation and having a long-term approach thereby letting the power of compounding work for you. Once the Surplus in your Cash flows takes care of all your financial goals with systematic investment plans, one can take some risks with the surplus funds and one must look forward to starting with investments that will lead to wealth creation. It could be investing in Direct Equity, PMS, Real Estate, Structured Products etc.

We often come across portfolios that have not compounded even to the extent of market returns, Thus, tracking, monitoring & rebalancing by experts plays a crucial role in managing portfolios that will have the ability to create enormous wealth. At Finnovate, we believe in creating wealth for individuals through effective short term & long-term wealth management strategies, our investment advisory committee and our research team work hand in hand to identify investment ideas across all asset classes for you which help you create wealth over a period of time. We design a structured portfolio that will create wealth over a period of time & continuously monitor & rebalance it, in order to generate better returns than markets.

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Wealth Succession

Wealth Succession is planning how an individual's assets & wealth are passed on to the next generation smoothly In the absence of a succession plan, the assets are distributed as per relevant laws of succession which might not be the way one would have envisaged.

Moreover, considerable time, effort & money is spent in transferring the assets to the beneficiaries by way of succession certificates from courts.

Thus, at Finnovate, we ensure Succession planning for all our clients which covers the structural, financial, legal & tax aspects of transferring wealth in the interest of the intended beneficiaries. We do so by helping you with proper nominations and joint beneficiaries in all your investments, we also help you prepare your will or advise you on creating a trust (Private, Public or charitable). Our Objective is to help you protect your loved ones by leaving behind a Legacy of stability and security.